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This blog is going dark… and this blog is coming back to life!

If you follow this blog via Facebook or Twitter, you already know that I’m moving this blog to a new hosting company, and to a new domain name: If you’ve been following via RSS or some other mechanism… well, now you now.

I’ll be tweaking my DNS settings to map addresses to the new domain name, so with luck no links will be broken by the move.

Cheers, goodbye, and see you on the new host, where posting will soon resume more regularly.

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Comments restored


I think the problem is fixed; commenting is back to normal.

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Fighting the spambots

Due to a massive increase in spam, I am temporarily tightening the restrictions on comments. For the time being, only those who already have an account on my blog can comment; I won’t be approving any new registrations until I’ve weeded out the spammers. I’ll let you know when I get this sorted out…

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New look, same as the old look


My server is behaving oddly, and the site just gets slower and slower. Please bear with me as I try to find out what’s happening! Part of it seems to be connected to the theme, so I’ve temporarily reverted to the default look and feel.

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Test (sorry about all these, this should be the last)

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Interview with Mike Tyson

Meh. I’m sick, with a chest cold and bunged up ears, swilling down bitter TCM medicine that had better work, given how horrible it is!

Well, it could be worse, eh? Here’s an interview with Mike Tyson, who’s really been through the fire. (Via Communicatrix).

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Great film, highly recommended.

Singing the old songs


I went to bagua school again last night, a bit late again after work.

Once again, there were only three students there: myself and two Chinese. The teacher got me working on strength exercises again: kicking, punching while holding bricks, the “da gun” (big staff), etc. It is big too, twelve feet long and made of some kind of heavy hardwood! He pointed out that bagua uses “big for practice, small for use” with all weapons.

After that, we reviewed what i’ve done so far of the linear form, which is gradually sticking in my memory!

Finally, we worked on so bagua qin na routines, which is completely new to me. It’s quite a revelation: many of these moves are so simple, and yet competely non-intuituve (to me at least!).

Most interesting is that the teacher, when he’s showing new moves, reinforces them by reciting the old bagua songs. Of course, I can’t understand the words – this is probably pretty advanced stuff even for fairly advanced second-language Mandarin speakers – but I’ve got the book, and I should perhaps start paying more attention to it!

On another note, I got an SMS the other day from Kong Cheng, Liu Jing Ru’s disciple – it seems the long silence was because he’s been out of town for a while. Hopefully we’ll catch up soon.

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Another shopping expedition

Situated just outside the Physical Education University’s West Gate, this shop has a lot of obscure bagua weapons in stock!

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No further comment…


OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

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